Issues with percussion playing techniques

Hi everyone!

I’m working on my percussion maps.

First issue I encounter:

I’m using BBCSO Template and I don’t see the custom techniques for the bass drum and other instruments present in the play editor (the big squares from drums). And I can’t switch between the different playing techniques by using alt+shit+arrows. I just see the natural articulation. I realize they are accessible by using special symbols, though.

Well, I get the same thing with a Taiko percussion map I’m creating. I want to create rim shots and other special techniques. The snare drums do show them in the play editor, but with Taikos they don’t show up (even though I created them in the percussion map) and I don’t know how to access them in the notation.

Are you talking about the drum pads in the lower zone in Write mode? You will only see there playing techniques that are defined in the instruments themselves. Here’s how to define them:

Thanks a lot David! That fixed my problem. Completely missed that step of the process.

I must also say that I’m loving Dorico. It’s definitely revolutionizing my workflow.

I think he probably prefers “Daniel”. (just saying).

I’ll answer to most things. Just don’t call me “Danny boy”.

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Sorry! I guessed David because of the D.

No problem at all, Ivor :smiley: