Issues with percussion's instrument change

Hi everyone
I can’t understand what’s wrong… I can’t have instrument change on percussion as usual despite the fact that I turn the option on…

Do someone have a solution ?


Introduction et diapo.dorico (2.6 MB)

I’m unsure of what you are referring to. Could you be a little more specific?

All the percussions instrument are on the same player. It should be in on one staff with the instrument’s change option…

It looks as though you’re in Galley View, which will show all instruments the player has separately.

Try pressing Ctrl/Cmd-Alt/Opt-1 to switch to page view.

I’ve absolutely no idea what you are trying to achieve… but
If you move the white instrument in your percussion setup to a new player, the remaining (green) percussion sets appear to respect instrument changes normally… ?

I was in page view !

Thank you very much ! It’s working. But wy can’t I have a white instrument in the green team ? It is going to be tricky for the rest of the piece…

Instrument changes can only work if the player is playing one instrument at a time. If there are occasions where multiple instruments held by the same player play simultaneously, all staves will be shown for that player.

See the four criteria listed in the manual: Instrument changes


I think it’s the removed staff at the beginning – I believe instruments with extra staves are excluded from instrument changes. If you delete the “-1 staff” signpost, instrument changes for the percussionist can happen again.