Issues with playback


I’m experiencing problems with playback, however I’m not aware of changing anything. Could you please help me what’s going on? (Diagnostics attached.)

Thanks very much,
Dorico (432 KB)

Could you please be a bit more specific about your problems and describe more in detail what you are experiencing or doing? Thanks.
In the logs I see quite often entries like e.g.
2020-10-08 21:13:19 : loadInstrument HALion Sonic SE (id 866)
2020-10-08 21:13:19 : Not Loaded!

The audio engine tries to load HALion Sonic but can’t do, because it is not installed, either the plug-in itself, or the sound contents files for it.
Quite often people don’t want to install HALion Sonic, because they use NotePerformer instead. Is that also the case with you?
If so, and you load a project that was set up to use HALion Sonic, then you need to go to Play mode and from the menu choose
‘Play > Playback Template’, then choose the NotePerformer template.

Hi Ulf,

Thanks for your message. Yes, I use NotePerformer, but the Playback Template seems to be the correct one (I’ve also tried to re-load it), but it is still not working as expected. The things I’ve observed are the following:

Suddenly, it started to take a bit more time for Dorico to go through the splash screen, and though the playback works for the first time when I start it, when I stop it and then try to start it again for the second time, it freezes and I only get strange sounds or no sound at all. This happens every time I launch Dorico, so restarting/relaunching doesn’t help unfortunately.


Okay, that sounds like you ran into a known issue with NotePerformer. The Windows 2004 update revealed a problem in NotePerformer that causes this distortion. Wallander Instruments have fixed this in NotePerformer already, but have not published a new version, yet. Please contact them and ask for the latest beta version from them, because that one has the fix.