Issues with plugin GUIs

Is it possible to alter the way Cubase displays GUIs for plugins?
I ask because I would like to be able to drag & drop samples into plugins like Battery/Kontakt etc from media bay or finder, but can’t seem to find a way of doing it.
[The “Always On Top” option doesn’t solve the problem]

This has to be supported in the plugins, not in Cubase. You should ask Native Instruments instead.

Ah ok - thanks

Battery and Kontakt support drag and drop, of course!!. The problem is the windows system in Cubase, you got two options:

-Using the free VST-XML translator and then just drag and drop from mediabay or Explorer into it, then into Battery or Kontakt.

-The taskbar method:
Set you VSTi to “Always On Top” then–>
Drag the sample from Explorer to the Windows taskbar onto the Cubase task so the window highlights again, do not release yet, and when the Cubase window is highlighted then drag to your VSTi and release.

I would love try the free “VST-XML translator” but I can only find a blog with a link that does not work.
Does anyone know where I can find it?