Issues with plugins on Cubase 7 LE

Hi everyone,

I recently got a soundcard with Cubase 7 LE. I wanted to mess around with some VST I’ve got and a couple that came with the soundcard. Here’s the issue, I managed to install them but I can’t open them on cubase. When I check plugin information I can see them but I’m unable to access any. Here’s some screenshots so you can see what’s going on.

A friend who still uses Cubase 5 told me to access VST instruments directly but I don’t have that option…

I don’t know what’s going and sorry if this too much of a newbie question. Still getting used to Cubase, I hope I can solve this soon. It’s pretty annoying that bass novation came with the soundcard bundle but I can’t even use it!

Fixed, I had to do it manually and I wasn’t aware the VST instruments shortcut wasn’t available for the LE version. It seems I might need to upgrade in a couple of months.