Issues with pure synth platinum in cubasis 3.3

Getting issues with pure synth platinum

As you can see in the video the pure synth plug-ins don’t always load or load partially I need to quit cubasis and relaunch the app to get it in my project.
When the plug-ins load it look than the DSP never get silent even if I mute all track and the master.
Getting an issue with TB equalizer settings don’t always load.

This issue with pure synth is new sometimes pure synth can’t locate where sounds are on the iPad or on a HD and need to be set manually but it always load before the update.


Old issue with track rendition

Each time I render a track all master plugins are disconnected I need to put them off and on manually to get them back on.

Sure this can be fixed easily.

Hope the videos work is the first time than I share iCloud links :sweat_smile: :point_up:t2::alien:

Cubasis 3.3
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation)
iOS 14.4.2
Steinberg UR44C / iPad

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Hi @Alienized,

Thanks for your message.

Checking out your video shows that you have loaded +50 external plug-ins, which is similar to have +50 apps running next to each other.

Could the problem be related to having reached maximum capacities?

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Hi Lars :wave:t2::alien:

I think the issue in the video is linked to pure synth maybe with too much pure synth loaded at the same time this made the issue with DSP,
All my projects have 50 plugins minimum in, Cubasis is super powerful on my iPad Pro :point_up:t2::alien: :rofl:
This another video as you can see everything run fine with more than 50 plugins and the dsp get silent but once I load a track with too much instance of pure synth I get this issue.
I have muted everything to show you the dsp activity.

If I have checked this issue is because one day after the update I get cracklings, the prevent cracklings has moved alone to the max capacity in the settings and the cracklings stay I have started to try to find what’s wrong and I see this issue with dsp on some tracks. For luck the cracklings stopped the day after. So I’m not sure this issue is new the new issue is the non loading of the pure synth units and when they don’t load the dsp get silent. (As I show in my first video) I will try to look how many pure synth can be added keeping the dsp silent. Things are complicated to analyze with all plugins I use at the same time.
After I think this issue is not critical but for the moment I prefer to quit cubasis after to work let my dsp take a break. :point_up:t2::alien: :joy:

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Hi @Alienized,

Thanks for the update, sounds good.
It might make sense to share the topic with the app vendor too.

We’re also at hand to have them equipped with a Cubasis promo code for testing purposes if required.

& stay safe,

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