Issues with Steinberg Forums

Hi… I’ve been having issues w/ the Steinberg forums lately … when I’m using my ‘normal’ user profile in Chrome on Mac, the site becomes unclickable, can’t scroll, etc… if I clear cookies and other browsing data, it works… until I sign in to my Steinberg account.
I’m presently using Incognito mode, and seems to be working OK…
I’ve not tried other devices or browsers yet…
Are others seeing/reporting anything?

Not on Firefox. That’s all I use.

Working fine in Safari 16 for me.

Apparently they officially support only the latest version of browsers …

Same here on iPad

If in doubt: don’t use Chrome!


To say nothing of the security issues.

Often with the Dorico forum in Safari on Mac I get the message “this page is using significant energy” - it seems to happen every couple of days. Does anyone else find this?

Occasionally, only if I’ve left the page open for days. The webpage is constantly updated, so I guess things can go awry.

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Ah - I never close the Dorico forum tab, it’s pretty much my favorite spot on the web!


ok, thanks all… seems to be isolated to me, and more specifically to my Mac… using on my other devices seems just fine.

I’ve had problems in the past with extensions… if you have any, try disabling them one-by-one until you identify the offender!

I was getting this a lot for a few weeks, and it is much less now that I quit & relaunched Safari to clean out the memory (after running for months straight).

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