Issues with Tablature mode in Score editor

I want to be able to tab out my guitar lines. The score editor has a tablature mode, but I must be missing something crucial about how it works.

On strings 6-2 I can only assign frets 0-4, but on string 1 I can assign from 0-17. I dont understand why that is.

If I have a note on string 5 at fret 1 (Bb) and right click and select "Move to string 6), nothing happens. I dont understand why that is.

Can anyone please clue me in?


Right-click on the note to see what you can do. Probably the manual has some useful info on this.

Thank. Already read the manual before posting. Right click is how you select move to string, so no luck there either.

Because there are no strings left to go any higher! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure, but it does work. Check out the gif: