Issues with the new Cubase 7

Well first off…wow… nice work i find it one of the biggest changes since sx.

I have noticed a few things as i have been using it.
first off is a slight bug:
-When using the 3rd party vst NI Massive, flicking from the browse option tab to the synth option the bottom inch of massive doesn’t enlarge, it only seems to be a issue in C7 as it works fine in C6.5,C5,C4. its seems to be something to do with the window holding the vst.

Possible improvements:
-Create a detachable window for the midi editor so that you can choose the screen it is full sized on as per the brilliant work done with the mixer.
-The other thing what would be nice is choosing where the channel strip comes in ie. Before inserts or after.
-Also being able to sidechain EQ functions like a specific band and be able to side chain one of the following freq/gain/Q… I think FL Studios had a similar ability.

Apart from that it looks and feels amazing.

Thanks Guys