Issues with touch function stopping all together

Had an issue with none of the functions working at all. Working on a song with 10 midi tracks I’d go to press stop and find nothing working via touch at all. Can’t stop, pull up faders or anything. It happened a little too much today and the only thing I could do was quit Cubasis and relaunch. I’m an Auria user who bought Cubasis a few days ago despite some no so great reviews. I need a decent midi sequencer since Auria has none until a few more months.
The initial experience was all good. But today the problems happened too many times for comfort and then when I went to undo something my instruments just went crazy and half all switch too the one micrologue and I had to try to remember what sounds I had before. I read in the reviews about an undo bug no being fixed and guess that’s what they meant.
To make a long story short, yea, there are a lot of great thing in Cubasis but there are some things that are not acceptable. Especially for $50.00. No that’s no a lot in comparison to desktop apps but in the iOS platform it’s extremely pricey. All we want is it to be stable and not distract the creative process with bugs.

I’m beginning to think I’ve been lucky, certainly sounds like you’ve not been so strizbiz!
What iPad you running on? Much spare memory? I’m running it on iPad mini with retina display ( latest model) with about 26gb free and cubasis runs a dream…


Sorry to hear you are having Problems with Cubasis.
Could you please post how to reproduce your problem in a step-by-step manner as described on this link to be able to investigate the problem?

I’ve also had the problem with all touch functionality ceasing occasionally, and only since the latest update. It doesn’t seem to be any particular thing that triggers it in my experience, but the only way to regain functionality is to close the app completely and reopen it. I’m running an iPad 2 with about 5GB of free memory.

I’m working on an ipad 2, idk if that’s the reason, no other app has ever done that, i have a lot of apps ( not running at the same time )
It’s weird because some days it doesn’t happen at all, other days I have to quit Cubasis to get the touch function back several times. Sometimes I go to stop a song and nothing works. Maybe the next update will solve it for me.