Issues with Track Versions, Group Tracks and Font Colours

Cubase 8 Pro 8.0.10
Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate Service Pack 1

Is anyone else seeing this errant behaviour with track versions?

Track Versions

Create a track with audio (let’s call is Track A)
Go to Track versions
Duplicate the track
Anything that you do to the duplicate copy is copied back to the original track

I don’t think that this is intended. Am I missing something.

Group Tracks

When editing tracks in a group folder (equal sign / group editing enabled) at times some tracks in the group fail to edit. Sometimes when you select a track, the tracks within the group fail to select therefore I often create edits which are not consistent across the group. The program seems to get confused if you have to toggle off and on group editing.

Track Colours

White fonts on the tracks make them almost unreadable on the default Cubase colour pallette. (white track labels against green or orange is very hard to read for example). Is there a preference that can be enabled?

Any feedback is appreciated. Despite these issues, I am loving this version of Cubase.

I’m not sure what you’re saying about track versions. Is it the track or the track version that you are duplicating? I am not seeing what it appears you are describing.

I can’t speak the the 2nd point, and as for the 3rd- you can’t change the font color, but you can change the intensity of the color on the track header in prefs>Event Display>Tracks.

Within the track versions menu on the inspector there is a submenu called duplicate version. When I duplicate a version and make a copy of it and start to work on the copy, all subsequent changes to the duplicate are applied to the original track version. Thank you for the tip regarding colour intensity. My eyes were starting to bleed. Much appreciated. - Scotty