Issues with trying to get Cubase to play VSTs and play an imported MIDI file through them

Hi all!

I’m currently using Finale for scoring purposes and exporting the tracks as MIDI to Cubase Pro. I have 2 questions that may, or may not, be related.

  1. When importing a MIDI file, I tried adding EAST WEST’S PLAY VST to the project, but I’m not sure how to route each instrument that I load, to it’s corresponding MIDI instrument. 've tried setting the channel within the play vst for each instrument to match their corresponding midi line. (ex. spicatto celli to channel 1 which is the same channel as the MIDI version of the celli).

  2. When loading an instrument within PLAY, there doesn’t appear t be any sound coming through my speakers. I can confirm that the PLAY interface is playing the notes that had input, but no sound is coming through my speakers. The sounds DO play through Finale when I load the VSTs.

I hope my questions make sense and I apologize if they are elementary. I just started getting back into scoring and the last DAW I used was Cake Walk Home studio. :flushed:

Let me know if you need further information in order to fully understand my issues.

See below for my current settings under “Studio Setup”:


The only way is to set Cubase to import the MIDI File to the MIDI Tracks and then set the track one by one to route it to the expected Instrument.

What Audio Device do you use, please? How is the Studio > Audio Connections > Outputs setup on your side, please?

Ahhh I got it to work! I got my MIDI files to play through the vst as well!

Thank you so much for the help, if indirectly.

I’m excited!!