Greetings- 1st post :slight_smile:

I just purchased the Yamaha AG0 3 which came bundled with Cubase AI8 and while I will admit there is a sizable learning curve for me, I am baffled by the “Undo” feature or lack thereof.

Now as a a graphic and web designer I am intimately familiar with the functionality of an “Undo” button but in Cubase when I inadvertently delete a track,make an incorrect cut and paste, or no matter what action it is, the undo feature is grayed out in the menu, nor does the keyboard shortcut work…

What am I missing here? Is it possible that such a sophisticated piece of software fails to provided a functioning undo button??!!

Please advise.

Well no help here… anyway after opening and closing the program a few times, the Undo functionality has returned.