Issues with Upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase 11 Artist (current version is Elements 9.5)

Hi there!

I purchased an upgrade from Cubase AI to Cubase 11 Artist from an online retailer (Gear4Music), as Artist requires a USB e-Licenser anyway.

I currently actually have Cubase Elements 9.5 (which is better than the “free” AI version).

When I try to activate the upgrade, it says I do not have a compatible version, and states that the upgrade needs to be from AI (rather than Elements).

This totally does not make sense. Is there anyone that knows how to solve for this?

For some reason, I also cannot raise a support ticket (the links keep routing me back to my local distributor)

See that @Ed_Doll is one of the leads from support…wondering if there’s a workaround for this (willing to top-up any difference as required)

Just throwing out some names as this is semi-urgent (my apologies Steinberg folks!)

@Matthias_Quellmann any idea if there is an option to top-up, or will I have to get a refund from the retailer (and make a separate purchase online)?

Thank you!!

Well, the information is correct. The upgrade from AI requires a Cubase AI license. It won’t work with Elements. This upgrade box is just for customers who purchased Steinberg or Yamaha hardware at the local dealers. Please get in touch with your retailer and return the box.

Thanks Matthias! Total champ

Speed of customer support is crazy :slight_smile:

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I’m thinking on behalf of the retailer i’m returning the item to.

Do I need to de-register the Software/DAC that is currently on my account if I’m returning the item?