Issues with version 4.0.45

Trying to connect over the LAN (with a PRO licence) gives

“Sorry, You can not connect within your local network. Make sure both sides use the same and up-to-date version !”

(Windows 10 both sides - 4.0.45 both sides - LAN light is ON)

connects fine when connected via a tethered mobile phone.

Windows 10 version STILL doesn’t understand 16:9 from a video camera - gives a cropped 4:3 image

Mac client also can’t connect on LAN (local connection failed) - but at least this has the correct video aspect ratio

LAN hasn’t been changed and we use it all the time. This message originates from the connection server, which is not involved at all if you properly set up a local connection:
a) do not log in on either end
b) have both Cubase/Nuendo and Performer computers connected to the local network (router) and VST Connect plugin active
c) The LAN button within the Performer application (looks like a WiFi icon) should be lit blue. Click to select the other side and it will connect.

oh, and for the 16:9 issue, pls let me know your camera model.

hi - yes the LAN button is blue and shows the IP as usual - just doesn’t connect and gives the error

camera is logitech c920

But again, this message originates from the connection server, so at least one side is logged in. Don’t.