issues with VST instruments and the mixer

I have tried reading a few other threads but can’t seem to find any direct solution to these problems which are as follows:

  1. I was using an instance of Aria player in a project along with several other VSTs. In this Aria instance I have two pianos, and I want to pan them to opposite sides, but after setting the pan knobs, on playback the second piano, in midi channel 2 always reverts back to center, as well as the volume fader reverting back to 0 after setting it lower (whereas the pan and fader settings for piano 1 stay where I put them).

  2. Thinking something had just gotten weirdly stuck with this instance of Aria, I tried deleting the existing Aria and opening a new Aria instance, but still have the same problem. After this however, the volume of the new Aria instance was much louder than the previous one. I went to the mixer to try to lower it, but now there does not seem to be a channel for the new Aria instance. When I select only the two pianos for playback, I hear them, but no mixer channel seems to be responding to the playback.

Any help would be greatly appreciated…

In regards to the missing channel in the mixer, that is a bug in Dorico 2.1.0 but got fixed in the 2.1.10 update. The update is available for free.