Issues with Waves License Pop-up


Years ago I bought Waves Renaissance Maxx plug-in bundle, and it worked fine always, with the license on my iLok dongle. I moved to a new machine and new OS (Mavericks) and all of a sudden my Waves bundle won’t show up in any of my audio apps, and I get a pop up message (attached).
From what I hear, Waves now charges some sort of Update fee once a year on their plugs. If you don’t move machines or change OS there is no problem, but if you do you have to pay this fee up to 200.00. Then you can move around as much as you want for another year. So they want to charge me 70.00 to update my bundle tat I paid around 200.00 for 7 years ago. That’s not cool at all, and I choose to not use these plugs any more, at least for now. So I uninstalled them, but I still get that pip-up every time I start Cubase 7.5. Can someone tall me what prefs I should delete to get this to quit? I deleted:
Vst2xPlugins Cubase.xml

And it looked like it had to rescan all my plugs in startup of Cubase, however the pop-up still persists. If anyone has a solution I would be greatly appreciated. I don’t want to have to live with this every time I start my dang DAW.


This is nothing to do with Steinberg prefs.

Delete any waveshell.dll files in your vstplugins folder and search and delete any other waves folders or dlls remaining on your drives.

Thanks I’ll check that out.

Well I think I’ve deleted it all, and even deactivated it on my iLok, but I’m still getting the message. Maybe I’m looking in the wrong place? Can you give me a path? I’m looking in Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST and that folder is empty. I uninstalled and deleted the waves app. I also went to Macintosh HD /Library/Application Support/Waves and deleted the Waves folder. Odd.

Can you give me a path?

Well I’m not a Mac user but maybe try this:
Open cubase plugin information window and under vstplugins tab see if any waves plugs are still in the list…if so the location is in the list and you can go delete them and also any waveshell files in that folder.
Then just to be sure hit the VST2 plug-ins paths button and double-check any folders listed there for the waveshell.dll files.

EDIT: Google turned up this…probably easier to follow.

That got it Grim! Finally!

Thanks again. That helped more than Waves customer support did. The first guy’s solution was to just pay the 70.00 update fee.

I also,bought some waves plugins (Manny Mareqquin) but i keep getting a list of other Manny Marequin plugins I did not buy telling me I don’t licenses for them. I don’t want them… so how can I delete these unbought plugins from Cubase?