Issues with X-Touch and Cubase

X-Touch 1.15
Cubase Pro 8.5.20
Windows 10
Mackie Control mode (in Cubase mode inside Cubase)

I am new to this forum since I am a new owner of an X-Touch. I have been using it only for a few days in Cubase and I encounter several issues which have not been able to resolve.
Basic functions work OK : volume panning, transport, solo, mute etc…
I have watched the tutorial videos but they mainly focus on Logic for detailed fonctions
and they do not work on Cubase in the same way.

Issue 1: Fader Bank buttons not working.
When there are more than 8 tracks in Cubase, the fader bank buttons should move to the next/previous group of 8 channels : doen’twork for me
(also the channel buttons move to the next page - not the next channel - I gess this is normal…)

Issue 2: only 1st insert pluging is visible and can be edited
when selecting “plug-in” for the encoder assignement, I see the 1st insert plugin effect and can edit its parameters. But I cannot select the 2nd plugin…

Issue 3: skipping pages when editing plugins
When in plugin mode (or instrument mode with the “UNDO” button), when there are several pages of parameters for the plugin, the channel butons move by 3 pages of parameters, so 2 pages are skipped. For exemple: pressing the “Right Channel buton” several times goes from page 2 to page 5 to 8 etc… if the parameter I want is in page 3… bad luck.

I have been seaching the forum but could not find solutions.
If anyone is using an X-Touch with Cubase and does not have these problems than I must be doing something wrong.!

Thanks for reading