Issues writing dense tuples

Hi everyone,

I’m having some issues writing really dense quintuples and triplets in Dorico SE. I keep having the same issue, which is that the program won’t let me write notes in the rhythm that aren’t the same note as before. I can alt-arrow key to move it around, but it moves the note to a different voice, or it puts it in the same beat as the previous note. I’ve attached some pictures showing the issue, where I’m trying to write 32nd note quintuplets. Does anyone know how I can write multiple notes in these kinds of rhythms?


Welcome to the forum, bbrownmcmillin. I’m not sure exactly what you’re trying to do here because your screenshot doesn’t provide much context. Are you writing for a pitched instrument, or a drum set? If the latter, then I’m afraid this is something that doesn’t work brilliantly well at the moment: using Alt+up/down arrow to move notes within tuplets to adjacent instruments in the kit doesn’t automatically create the required tuplets in the destination instruments.

Hi Daniel! Glad to be here. Sorry my question wasn’t particularly clear. I was trying to write out a tenor drum part, so I was using one of the tenor drum instruments. I decided to work around it by using a different pitched instrument, since I didn’t really need an audio portion. Thanks for the help!