Why doesn’t Beatmaker 3 load in Cubasis 2? Why do most if not damn near all inter apps never connect ?

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Cubasis fully support AU, IAA and Audiobus 3 to load 3rd instruments and effects apps.

What format do you use to load BM3 in Cubasis?
Giving it a short check, BM3 does not appear in the list of available Inter-App Audio isntruments, neither for audio and MIDI tracks.

Which other apps fail to connect?


Beatmaker 3 shows an inter app via a midi channel , and never loads. In fact most inter apps never load. Using AUM is just as frustrating. I’m not an expert to all this but nor am I ignorant and dumb. I’m not pushing the limits for I can even get loads to even work. Would be nice if you guys and Beatmaker 3 would work together and integrate. Bouncing around , using yet another party to just try to connect your apps together sucks. Beatmaker and both you support auv3 yet it’s like both applications don’t like each other , kinda like Apple on pc lol. IMs 20 which dosent have auv3 support recorders flawlessly in wave file.

You know on desktop DAW meaning presonus studio one ( because I can’t afford Cubase ) they have impact which is pretty much Beatmaker 3 within the daw … that breaks everything on different tracks. But Beatmaker 3 dosent like Cubasis. One would have to mix everything down beat wise into Cubasis , hope for the best and not have the option to controlling the sound qualities do individual tracks. It’s one thing buying a ton of apps , but it’s freaking insane! Having to buy 20.00 AUM and wondering if I need Audiobus. Yet after buying both Cubasis and beatmaker one needs more useless apps that don’t offer anything like AUM and Audiobus or both Audiobus and AUM just to sorta link Beatmaker and Cubasis. I’m not bitching , just frustrated. Why not just make it able to link Beatmaker and Cubasis together? Because both apps do not like each other. There isn’t anything out there on the inter web world to resolve the issue Lars. Wait , using a desktop daw is the answer. SMH! I totally dig your apple daw and beatmaker … just wish it would work together right.

Yeah sorry Lars for the duplicate issues , you can delete the not needed. Couldn’t find it and was impatient, just needed some time for your site to update and all.

Beatmaker never works as an inter app. As well dosent show as an audio unit. Hell recording midi is touch and go with several apps mainstream apps that is. I honestly don’t wish to be obligated to your proprietary apps to record music. For the record , your daw as got a good footing and I desperately would love to use my multiple iPads and create music. All I’m doing is spending and struggling to make everything work while spending more and taking several steps

Di , fm ( AudioKit ) mini Moog and beatmaker shows in inter app. Only one that loads and dosent record is Moog.

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I’d suggest to load the Mood app via Audio Unit, which comes with much more flexible options and is Apple’s successor to Inter-App Audio.
In addition, Apple already announced that Inter-App Audio will be discontinued.

Found a YouTube clip where a user uses both apps together: +

Regarding the other apps, please let me have a bit more details (full app names, more detailed problem descriptions) in order to support you.


Wow do i regret buying this release so early , i literally haven’t had one session go properly without some issues. A lot of apps in auv3 wont even record the midi or the audio. Cubasis 2 i would load up an app via au3 for example, noise melody or drums and, it will load, sometimes but when it does, you cant use the roll keyboard or any keyboard within the au3 app. And also NONE of my MPe midi controller apps like KB-1 velocity keyboard work either, this has been the sloppiest release i have seen thus far and thats pretty sad . It’s 2020, cubasis 2 is superior in everyway and that shouldn’t even be a discussion imo, it should be a totally upgrade program not a program that is buggy and in sense makes it way worse to use. I have both and beatmaker 3 and i have not used cubasis 3 other than the first couple days of just straight bugs . So dissapointed. Will not be purchasing any releases this early again, lesson learned, feels like a money grab .

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I’m sorry to read that you have issues with Cubasis 3.

Cubasis 3 is a full rewrite from scratch, offering many improvements for existing features, adding a new iPhone version and more than twenty new user-requested features. While the brand-new app seems to work fine for many users, others have experienced issue.

We will do our best, to come up with a maintenance update which will address these issues.

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Midi clock out is not working either.

Yonac Magellan will load but no audio.

I know you guys really wanted to get this out before Christmas. I can’t believe you guys didn’t notice these bugs before release. Listen Cubasis is the best daw on IOS if you all can get it to work to full functionality. Many bugs were never fixed in Cubasis 2. But I was really looking forward to a fix for the midi clock sync problem in cycle mode. So I went ahead and spent the 50 bucks on Cubasis 3 and midi clock out doesn’t even work at all. You guys need better beta testers.

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Please note that “CBT-1273 Cubasis 3 is not sending MIDI Clock start/stop from the transport buttons” is planned to be solved in the next maintenance release, alongside other fixes.

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