It Doesn't Look Like They'll Be 8.5.30 Does it?

I can’t see it happening now. Version 9 probably in December, meaning 6 months without an update for Cubase. Is that acceptable?

For me it isn’t. The lack of communication from Steinberg is lamentable. No-one seems to know what will be in Version 9 (or perhaps more importantly, what won’t be).

Very frustrating.

There’s always at least 1 free update after a new Cubase version is released. In this case if you do a little searching you’ll see that it’s already confirmed, one of the updates for Cubase 8.5 will have the new video engine and it will be released after Cubase Pro 9 comes out.

totally agree my friend…definately not acceptable…

This is a very aggravating subject to me. Cubase 8.5 is still very buggy and not anywhere near 100%. I am very frustrated after spend 8 hours last night dealing with crashes lost files. I have over 30 years of experience in this field, and this sucks big time. Before they start selling version 9 they should complete version 8 or 8.5 and make it stable and useable. 100% Bull Shit.

Based on the level of problems you are having, 8.5.30 will not be much better if any at all. Neither will 8.5.40 or 8.5.50. If you are getting constant crashes, there is something deeper going on, not just bugs in Cubase. Maybe another plug-in or something running on the system like an anti-virus, or sound card drivers, etc. Try removing all plug-ins, peripherals, and get to the most basic setup you can. If you can get it to stop crashing, start gradually reintroducing things to see where the crashing starts.
I hope it helps and you get it figured out.

There is going to come an update, it was announced some time ago that an update for 8.5 including the new video engine is coming. But 8.5.20 is a really stable release, no obvious bugs that would make it unusable.

Just wait for the trial my friend…if it’s not satisfactory…don’t buy it!! :slight_smile: that’s my intention and the only sensible intention IMHO… :slight_smile:
particularly when they never release the trial when it’s released for sale…bit weird that is!! :confused:

One of the steinbergers have already hinted that .30 is in final testing. I wouldn’t be suprised if it appears straight after v9.

That may well be right, but from a customer perspective, there’s a lot wrong with it.

  • ‘hinted’
    .30 is in final testing - only 6 months since .20 was released. We’re not talking about going from .20 to .5 here.
    Why not release before v9?