It Forces Me To Use Aero In Windows 7

I do not like Aero at all but Cubase Pro 8 will not open in Windows 7 unless I use an Aero theme. I hate this!

I believe this is intended behavior

The aero theme or the “i hate this”? :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t see -any- new features in C8 that really -demand- Aero. It’s basically the same UI as 7.5.

The Classic theme is ‘dull’ but it’s faster and easier to read.

For the longest time people have been harping on that Steinberg should get a handle on windows control in Cubase. Now instead of trying to reinvent the wheel, they adopt the recommended systems calls for the OS in question, and this in a forward looking fashion. I think their adoption of Aero under Windows is completely logical and to be commended. Time to move forward - perhaps new hardware is in order.

BriHar is right and i think the likes of Fredo would agree that using your CPU for graphics intensive applications is a fools’ errand.

Let me rephrase this for you to be a little more clear (sheesh I have to be so specific in here).

Cubase Pro 8 will not open in Windows 7 unless you use an Aero theme. Instead of opening, an error message appears suggesting that you use an Aero theme. The Classic theme is not possible to use with the Windows 7 and Cubase Pro 8 combination. This (Classic Theme) is what I have been using and what I am used to. Aero takes more resources plus I think it looks stupid (yes I have looked for simpler Aero themes thank you). Anger, hate!

That is why I posted here under Feature Requests and Suggestions. My suggestion, don’t require me to use Aero!

Anything not Aero uses CPU resources, which is not the way to run a DAW unfortunately.

TIP 1-Disable Aero: The Aero UI (user interface) is a resource hog!

That may be but with an adequate GPU there is no issue.

Since AMD purchased ATI, Graphic card prices have come down markedly and besides why do you want the CPU to do all the work.

While there is a great shift towards heterogeneous computing, the CPU is likely busy enough with file operations which is why graphic cards were developed in the first place.

I don’t want to buy a graphics card for this, my second old computer and I do not like the look of Aero. This request stands. Don’t give me any suggestions. This is a request for Steinberg.

Interesting they forgot to mention the Aero requirement under the “system requirements.” I guess they don’t want potential customers to know their dirty little secret.

Aero is indeed mentioned:

I agree that is not big enough, but it is there!

I didn’t see the fine print at the bottom.

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