It has been a whirl wind joining the Cubase family

My pro 12 crashes all the time and the sad news is, I’ve gotten used too it. It has been a whirl wind joining the Cubase family. I joined Cubase Artist 11 and then moved too 12, but since then I’m sad that I spent a lot of money for ridiculous license issues and installing issues too. I have spent hours installing and reinstalling. It should be such a easy thing to do, but they have made it hard. When you join you should just have what you need to install not anything else. It could be so much easier and then the artists could concentrate on making the music…I expected better being a German company. Clearly Germany isn’t what it used to be especially it’s football team.

I get that you are frustrated because of the crashes, but your derisive remarks regarding a country and its football team are uncalled for.
If you have crashes, you can create a topic here describing the problem. If you provide crash dumps, we can analyze them and give hints as to where the problem lies (very often it is because of a third party plugin and then there’s nothing Cubase can do about it)

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