It is necessary to update my Workstation

It is necessary to update my Workstation. The configuration was purchased on 2 Xeon e5-2695 v3 (Asus Z10PE-D8 WS), and Cubase 8.5 Pro was updated to version 10.0.20.
My old computer on the Intel i7-4790k was struggling to carry out projects at 88kHz, but what was my shock when these old projects stopped sounding on a new computer, ASIO was overloaded. I found out experimentally that my dual-processor computer with 28 cores and 56 threads was weaker than the old i7-4790k by about 10-15%. This is puzzling. MAGIX Sequoia 15 without any problems coped with a load of 4-5 times more plug-ins. Testing on the Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 system, its high performance audio engine showed all processor cores were loaded, but Cubase did not even pull 2 heavy Acustica Audio plug-ins, there was almost no load on the cores, but ASIO was fully loaded.
Cubase showed extremely low performance, which in no way corresponded to the applied computing power of the computer.
This is a very bad result. There is an assumption that the audio engine is not optimized, it is of very poor performance, and is not able to cope with even a small load of ASIO on multi-core systems. The check was done on windows 7, 8.1, 10 for Workststion, and everywhere there was a very bad result.
But I spent a large amount of money on a new computer, and this only worsened my ability to process sound and made it impossible to continue working on it using Cubase.
The conclusion about the refusal to use Cubase suggests itself, but the money has been paid for it, but it does not give an opportunity to work at the proper level. Why was Steinberg unable to work on an audio engine for multi-core processors, and would it ever be done? After all, other DAW developers have achieved much better results, but Steinberg did not succeed.

Computers are trouble. But it can get better. There is something you are missing, that will be a great learning when you figure it out.

Try reinstalling C10 in a new folder, no plugins. Eliminate ANY possible interference hardware or software, research better component choices, copy others who have stable systems, etc etc etc ad infinitum and you will learn to create a stable system.

Maybe this topic can help you:


I’m still using an I7 pc Windows 7 built by Scan Pc from 2011 which originally had Cubase 6.5 on it.
It has run well with all the versions of Cubase including the latest
All versions still exist on the pc.

I have recently cloned the old hard drives & replaced with ssd drives so things load faster & had to upgrade the Gpu from an Nvidia Gt210 to a Asus Nvidia 710 to cope with Arturia Pigments & Massive X as there was a lag in graphics i.e move mod wheel & it was slow to respond on Massive X Gui.

I would say this shows a Pc built for purpose by an established builder even though more expensive than building yourself is worth it in the long run.

What you say, sounds rather strange to me. I run a dual Xeon E5-2670 version 1, and I don’t have any issues at all. Even with projects with 200 track and loads of VSTi’s and God knows how many effect insert on the channels, I can’t get it into it’s knees. I think you problem is more related to optimizing your OS. What soundcard are you using?