It is time - - - - - Steinberg/Yamaha MIDEX 8 2.0

Cool to see MIDEX still works - but -

MIDI 2.0 protocol is now reality (just barely)

Yamaha/Steinberg have formulated their relationship bridging their hardware and software development - Nuage consoles, AD/DA units, hardware emulation plugins, Montage integration… a Yamaha/Steinberg MIDI patchbay makes sense.

I have a MOTU MIDI Express XT which definitely enables some great workflow organization and creative options on the fly - but, it does have it’s bugs and dated software design choices/protocols. MOTU refused to fix bugs for PC. It is essentially a sold but not supported product.

It would be great to see a new MIDEX MIDI patchbay/router from Steinberg/Yamaha that is modern with smart integration into Cubase/Nuendo and other apps.

There is a huge opportunity here to rethink MIDI hardware integration, sync, timecode, routing, etc.

-MIDI 2.0 Support
-Project Sync Recall to Cubendo
-virtual Wireless/WIFI/Bluetooth MIDI “ports” (For use with Android/iOS apps)
-Latency Compensation
-Settings memory per instrument connection/port
-Timecode utilities
-Internal Steinberg MIDI plugins (please also create a MIDI scripter plugin akin to Logics)
-Advanced routing and splitting possibilities
-Multi-Computer sync capabilities with smart connect between multiple instances of Cubendo
-MIDI monitor utilities
-MIDI over LAN utilities in the software akin to CopperLan or ipmidi
-Timecode generator akin to MIDI Express XT
-Port labeling
-easy preset management
-Smart/Direct routing to and detection of virtual instruments in Cubase - ability to route to multiple virtual instruments
-SDK developer tools/MIDI scripter/SDK for MIDI plugins that can be used in Cubase or internally in the hardware

With all the Eurorack and new synths and MIDI 2.0… the world needs a new king of MIDI patchbays.

I feel like this is such a sensible thing for Cubase/Nuendo/Yamaha to have… When you look at how Cubase is designed, with the MIDI input transformer and all - - it’s designed to go hand in hand with a hardware unit like this, for musicians/composers that have multi-synthesizer studios.

I would sell my MOTU MIDI XT in a second to buy this.

+1 - totally agree

Finally a reply! I’m not the only one.