It isn't "workflow" it's mountain climbing.

The term "workflow’ is, of course, our term and that’s fine, but I think mountain climbing is more like what doing a project feels like.

Further, if one has already climbed a favorite mountain, one knows what the view will be like having already been there before. Keep climbing.


Heh. To me, Cubase feels like an industrial park, populated with a plethora of different workshops, smelters and storage areas connected by tunnels, pipelines and duct, each requiring climbing a learning curve. Oh, wait, that is like mountain climbing! :laughing: (did you see the movie Brazil by Terry Gilliam? like that )

Brazil!!! :laughing:

Thought for sure someone was going to break into Julie Andrews ’ “Climb Every Mountain”…

sigh"" thats a beautiful song…

It seems that one has to go through the woods to get to the top of the mountain :stuck_out_tongue:


No one ever gets all the way to top, it’s a “ok this is high enough” let’s jump to the next mountain and start from the bottom again.
Thankfully we can jump back to old mountains and climb from where we did last stop.

Perfect and thank you. And, as Steve said, “Brazil.” :laughing: