It keeps crashing during writing, does anyone know how to fix it?

I have the trial version of Dorico, and it crashes almost about every five minutes. I am a senior music education major with dreams of composing film music, in a university without a composition program that only uses finale. I was hoping that this would be an impeccable software because finale just doesn’t do everything, I would want a notation software to do. If anyone can help me figure out why this happens before the trial runs out that would be amazing, because I don’t really want to have this be the expensive gift that I beg my parents for, or I get money for Christmas, and I buy it and it continues to crash. It’s kind of bumming :confused:

Welcome to the forum, Brianna. I’m really sorry to hear that Dorico is crashing a lot for you. Could you please run Dorico back up, go to the Help menu, choose Create Diagnostic Report, and attach the resulting zip file here so I can take a look and see if there any clues contained within?

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Welcome to the Forum, @brianna.anderson0320 .
Since this is your first post, you may not be able to attach it to a message here yet; if that is the case, you could attach it to an email to Daniel Spreadbury at his email: **d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de

You would want to reference this thread in your email.


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It is saying that it is an invalid email

Do you think that they would be able to send an initial message to mine? It’s just my username with gmail attached to the end.

You need to replace the words dot and at with the expected email address symbols in
d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de

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I’ll email you, Brianna, so you can reply.

Here’s the diagnostics.

Thank you,

(Attachment Dorico is missing)

Sorry, Bri, but you can’t attach them here – please reply to the email you got directly from me, rather than the notification email you got from the forum.

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