It looks like a bug

This is 100% reproducible behavior.
Here’re the steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a 4/4 measure with (for the sake of simplicity) four quarter notes.
  2. Select 2nd and 4th quarters and turn them to 8ths.
  3. Select both newly created 8ths notes and using Option + Right Arrow move both of them one 8th forward.
    While both selected notes do move as expected, the note on the 3rd beat disappears.
    Here’s the snapshot of such utterly simplified example.

    Igor Borodin

It’s not a bug, but it is rather subtle behaviour! You’ll find that the intervening note is preserved if you enable chord input.

Daniel, can you explain the thought here? I’ve never experienced this, but the images IgorBorodin posted look counterintuitive.

When you move notes with Alt+left/right, Dorico is actually copying and pasting the music at the new position, and overwrites anything in the range affected by the paste. When you use chord input, Dorico merges the pasted material with the material in the range of the paste.

Thank you for prompt reply, Daniel.
Could you (or somebody else) clarify what chord input has to do with that behavior?
The reason for my question is - if I select only one note to move, everything works as expected; i.e. the selected note is moved and nothing is disappearing. The same is true for moving a selection of contiguous notes. Yet, if I select two non-sequential notes - disappearance of the note that was not selected does occur.

Chord input (shortcut Q) affects not only note input, but also note editing. If you extend a note, for example, when chord input is active, it will be merged with any notes it runs into rather than truncating them. When you copy and paste, Dorico overwrites the range of notes in the destination area, unless chord input is active, in which case the pasted material is merged with what is already there.

Thank you!
Now it’s getting clearer!
I didn’t know that Chord input mode has more intricacies than just the ability to add notes to the current beat in the current voice.

Dear Daniel,

I think I have to disagree, as it seems to me this really is a bug.
I might add to point to of the OP of Igor, that the notes are cmd-selected, nothing is selected in between.
here’s a gif. My Grid is (obviously) eights. Note, that there are no rests selected, which could move to beat 3
If I select them separately, the beat 3 is not deleted. So why should this be the case, when selecting beat 2 and 4 together?
I would be happy to be corrected by the developers :slight_smile: .

Do the same things with cut and paste rather than Alt+left/right and you’ll see what I mean.

Ah, now I understand!

Well, these are not really in the range of paste of the individual notes, though.
As not a range is selected, would it make sense in any way to not paste the chosen objects simultaneously, but one after the other (imitating my second gif).

At least from a user perspective, the note in the middle not being deleted would be the expected behavior.