It Must Be Love - with Anett Lunde

Hi there people.

I wrote this in 2002 with me on vocals and it sucked bad.
Now we (me and Anett) have redone it… changed the keys, changing some words etc and now I feel this song is good and better than good
Anett Lunde on vocals and get me on this: these are just test vocals done in 1 hour… no melodyne
Get it here:

How is it sounding so far?
It is supposed to be a relatively happy song

Tech on this song:

Vocals: Anett into ADK Hamburg mic into Behringer ultravoice into computer.
Software: Waves Rcomp, Req and Rverb

Guitar: Me on USA Fender strat with humbucker + AT 3

Bass: Trillian programmed by me

Organ: “b2” Steinberg Hypersonic

Drums: Superior Drummer 2.0 Music City kit. All beats by me.

Sounding very good to me thus far! :slight_smile:
Annett does have a really good rock/pop voice. Cool answering lines on guitar.

I’ve got another vocal test of our funk tune to send you, Kim. I’m keeping my eye out for you. :slight_smile:

I’ll agree. Her voice definitely has a nice, radio quality to it.

Hey man that is excellent !! some nice guitar work in there also…Kevin

Mix sounds great, playing is excellent as usual. Singing is also very good. Enjoyed it.

Arranging and playing sounds great. Guitars sound a little too high-frequency for me - missing some mid range. Drums are excellently programmed.


Only listened to one verse and one chorus due to time constraints at the moment. Arrangement is good, mix is good. Guitars are panned just right, not too far left or right and compliment each other well compositionally and in regards to the mixing. I agree that they sound just a little bit too thin but overall everything sounds good in the song. Well done.

Good mix great voice, it ends a little abruptly lol. Great stuff

Hi Kim!

Great stuff, guitars sound superb, as usual. :sunglasses:
Annet’s got a great voice, I like the rawness of the recording, don’t you dare using Melodyne on this!!! :wink:

Definitely radio material!



Very good instrumental set-up. Congratulation.

I just think, the womans voice is a bit to much in front.
For a “hard rock” set-up I always put the voices “into the sound” and not a head of it, gives it a kind of “feeling more loud” and that’s what a Hardrock is made of. :slight_smile:

Overall great work.


Hi there people and thank you for listening :slight_smile:
Sorry for not getting back to you before but the holiday has been hectic to say the least.

:arrow_right: Lenny: Yeah that voice is quite something isn’t it?
Looking forward to finishing the Funk tune, ready when you are :wink:

:arrow_right: foolomon: Absolutely man, she could earn money on that voice!

:arrow_right: shadowfax: Thanks for listening to the guitar too man. Hehe 8)

:arrow_right: Early21: Thank you for your comments about the mix and the rest.IMO that drum-kit is so great, perfectly recorded and engineered .
It’s the easiest kit I know of to weave the rest of the “band” around.Been using it a lot over the years (first the ez drummer version of it called “Nashville”) for both Runas, Siljes and my songs

:arrow_right: plectrumboy: Thank you for listening Steve and I agree about the guitars to an extent.I’ll certainly try to round them out and beef them up a bit for the final mix.

:arrow_right: Jonathan5456: Thank you for the nice comments. And yes; will fix the guitar sound :slight_smile:

:arrow_right: kzarider: Hehe, I would not give you guys everything on the first test. There will be an outro lead with a fade instead of this as you call it “rather abrupt ending” LOL

:arrow_right: HornForHire: Thank you for the kudos Wim!Yes the rawness of the recording/sound of her voice… She really has more character than most. I’ll be uber-delicate if I use any melodyne on her, I promise :smiley:
Most likely I’ll rather get her to come in again to fix some takes here and there the old fashioned way to keep this rawness.

:arrow_right: ALSTUDIOS: Thank you very much for listening and I agree. Anett is slightly too loud in the mix now. This will be corrected. Thank you for bringing it up!

I will try to finish it this week with outro lead and all :wink:After that, me and Lenny has something funky up our sleeves that I think many of you will like.Again: thank you for listening all.All the best, Kim

New version up.
Smoother guitars, lower bass guitar, lower vocals and slightly lower hihat and proper fade with end lead.
And for Wim: no melodyne just better takes/ better mixed
Get it here:

Hope you like it folks, I sure do :smiley:

all the best, Kim :ugeek:

Hugely impressive - you’ve got this (to my ears) American country-flavoured rock (or rocky country) style down perfectly, with your playing, arranging and producing. Great stuff.


I’m not much help, I liked it the first time, and I’m not hearing anything to criticize. I like what you do with positioning your guitars and sometimes doubling and sometimes not. Gives it a great stereo sound. AT 3 is really working well on this. Love the sound.