It needs to be easier to earn more votes

I post quite a bit, get quite a bit of hearts and give quite a bit, post in different forums, makes lots of suggestions.

How exactly does one earn more votes? I’ve never got more beyond what I initially got joining the forum

This sounds like something Renee Zellweger would ask the prison warden.

Honestly? I have no idea.

I don’t think the “votes” on Discorse are intended to be used like we used to do in the old forum. Each of us only gets a handful of votes to spread around. Once those are used no voting for you unless you reallocate an existing vote.

Frankly I can’t imagine what a scheme like that is actually good for. So I’ve been ignoring votes and sticking to likes. Maybe we should start adding polls when posting a new feature request.

  • I really like this idea
  • Only a crazy person would want this
  • Yeah, whatever

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Ya, I think the system is broken, you can’t get your votes back if you unvote. I only have 3 votes now, used to more, I think.