It needs to be sayed....kudos Steinberg

Don’t visit the forums often…Getting ready to finally upgrade to the latest 9.5 coming from 8.5…Took my time, because some months ago I read there were some issues with the CC121 not working as expected. I sneeked here recently and read reports its working fine now.
Getting ready with fresh installers for latest versions of cubase, wavelab elements, and the 3rd party plugins and instruments I own. Got rid of some that I don’t use much, or that are just to old or were a part of some G.A.S. frenzy, lol. Sticking mostly with the built in set and just a couple of third party VST3 plugs and instruments.
Took a chance to upgrade my absolute 2 to 3 with the promo.
Downloaded the latest drivers for CC121 and my trusty UR28M, as well as Ilok, Eleven Rack, Nektar Panorama P6 and DAW. Sold a bunch of hardware units that were just collecting dust. I’m just in “scaling down” mood and enjoying it.

It needs to be said, all in all, I’m really happy with Steinberg and my system. And I mean with their entire solutions for both software (Cubase, Wavelab, Absolute, and the various soundsets I own) and the hardware (CC121, CC28M). My DAW is old by today’s standards, but the system as a whole is powerfull. Allowing me to pay the bills with all kinds of audio and music work. I love these tools. Kudos Steinberg, I’m a happy camper!

Now on another topic, I’m also looking into upgrading my DAW, its been a while since my last build, need to catch up with the new chipsets and processors. What is a good stable platform now these days…?

We feel you, brother!