It´s Black Friday Time!

Does someone knows the VST Live benefits vs. Digital Performer’s Chunks?
Thanks a lot!

Hi @teckaand,

both systems have two different approaches. It’s hard to compare them directly. Did you have a look to the manual? Or did you try out the trial? I bet we all can talk a bit deeper if you have more specific questions to VL.

See you,

Thanks Spork!
So, I give this software a try :slight_smile:

Compare the manuals. Using the software won’t tell you much until you learn it all anyways.

Notable things from the MOTU DP manual:

  • OSC support? Does VST LIVE support OSC?
  • Device and Control Surface support? There are lots of mixer/mackie-mcu/hui control surfaces and midi controllers supported by DP. What’s VST LIVE’s midi and mcu/hui device support like?
    I don’t see much in the VST LIVE Manual about midi, OSC, and mixing control surfaces.

You know what I’m doing? I’m looking into using REAPER as a live audio rig. It’s fully modular and scriptable. And almost free (perpetual license $60).