it will be maintain update for win fall creators? cubase 8.5?

it will be maintain update for win fall creators? cubase 8.5?

Steinberg isn’t updating Cubase 8.5 anymore. It’s too far behind in terms of development compared to the current versions of Cubase and Nuendo.

uhm… so… they leave our versions outdated? … no maintenance for fix, the troubles becoming with new Win?

Yes, you have to use Cubase Pro 9 if you want support for the new Windows/OS X updates.

If you upgrade to Cubase 9 in November, you’ll get Cubase Pro 9.5 for free when it’s released.

That seems horrible, are you sure?

Companies like RME update drivers on old machines for many years. How long does Cubase support their customers when new OSs come out?

It will almost certainly work without any update anyway…you may need to do the usual elicenser reinstall or maintenance (run as admin) and perhaps reinstall audio device drivers if any problems.

And although Steinberg don’t officially update older versions much more than a final patch after the next version is released I think that if Cubase was completely broken by a Windows update they may release a hotfix for at least one full version previous…But this is only guesswork of course.

RME is obviously hardware…perhaps not the best analogy :wink:

Apples and oranges. Steinberg (and I’m pretty sure most other DAW developers) only update the latest version to fix issues with new OS updates. Like Grim said OS updates rarely completely break a DAW, but it may introduce bugs that weren’t there before. This is different from hardware, which often becomes unsuitable for professional use without the proper drivers and software.

Case in point, they still update their old hardware as my 2010(?) Steinberg CI1 is included in the latest multi-driver.

Oldest supported version at the moment is Cubase 7. But that means you get support when used on officially supported OS, not that the software will be updated to the latest OS.

most yes because you shouldn’t pay for upgrade… so its easy … but in the case of Cubase… well actually we have a forum for each version, every time you upgrade is like buy a new software… if they did maintain updates in the past for ALL versions, why this time not? … If that happens they should gift at least a good discount…

They have never updated outdated versions to fix issues with new OSes.