It won't recognize my line-in, only internal mic.

There seems to be no way I can get this to work. I know the audio in is working because Garageband picks it up right away… also, it used to work when I first got Cubase 5.
Also, it shows that sound is coming through the internal mic on the master volume in the transport panel but not on the individual track. That’s probably an easy fix, though.
The main frustration is the program not accepting the built in audio in… even though all the settings are set to that through my Audio/MIDI Setup settings (I’m on a Mac, btw).

hello and welcome,

i am bit confused here, maybe because I amnot on a mac, but what do you mean with the internal Mic?
And what do you mean with build in audio, do you refer to VST instruments?
Specify your hardware set up, do you use any soundcard or is it all in the box?

if audio in shows is the transport panel that is linked to your audio input channel, that is if you have the full cubase.
Cubase studio doesn’t have dedicated input channels.
So if you have Cubase 5 then go to an audio channel and set up it’s input bus to the input channel, enable monitor on the strip then your meter should work on that particular channel.

I might be wrong here, but I´mk sure, built in audio on a Mac is the same like built in audio on a PC - which is: built in audio (card), the same probably goes for internal mic…!?

Well, the soundcard ithe the built in audio (probably) or what you are referint to as “all in the box” (probably).

My bad. Sorry I wasn’t very clear. I’m using an iMac (running 10.6) and i mean the internal mic up by the camera. When I’m talking about the built in audio input I mean the line in jack, which I have always used before as an input for instruments and such. I’d never had a problem with it before, on this mac (up until recently) or on my old powerbook.

I hope that clears up what i meant somewhat. Cubase picks up only audio from the internal mic when i try to have anything going through the line in… i know it’s not a hardware problem or a soundcard problem because the line in works fine with Garageband… and it was working fine with Cubase until, for no apparent reason, it just stopped recognizing the line in.

Nevermind! I figured it out. It was something easy… and I feel like an idiot for not figuring it out… haha :smiley:

care to share? I am having the same issue…