It would be great if Steinberg put out a full course on Cubase

The quick tips and hangouts are great, and I like their presenters like Andy, Greg , and that guy Dom from Doctor Mix I find really good, but I’d really like to see a structured course explaining all the features and how to use them in depth. There is a lot of stuff online but much of it is just repetition of basics, and not always presented well.

It would seem to me to be in Steinbergs interests to put out such a course as the more people understand their products the more they will use and recommend them.

Would anyone else like Steinberg to do this? What should the course involve? would you be willing to pay for it and if so how much? or should it be free on youtube? :question:

There are as far as I know some super cool 3rd party stuff out there and I know Steinberg have done this also , on YouTube there are hundreds of such videos however they have to be found.
one series I can recommend ( hard copy ) is the “Hands on Cubase” it has to my knowledge 2bands ( going back a while and not certain if it has revisions for versions 8.9and 10 maybe worth a google )

there is a supported program from Steinberg or at least was whereupon a seminar would be given …
also on this forum there is a user who is a “Cubase teacher” I will find out his name and post it in a reply (unless he answers your post first )
hope you find what you are looking for soon
F1 was my teacher :slight_smile:

Full Course explaining every feature and how to use them in depth? I don’t think that would be possible without a government grant from the Smithsonian. Personally, I think the best is picking and choosing information on line and forums such as this. There is just too much in Cubase for any single comprehensive detailed course.

I agree there is a lot of repetition and basics on line, but part of the reason I think is the demand for those basics.

Decide what you want to know and search for it. If you find an area lacking, post it and usually someone usually has answers. With this said, do you have any examples of features that are not explained or can’t be found on line?

As far as what I would pay? Nothing because there is too much in Cubase and its always evolving and changing.

+1 there used to be one back in day, it was 2 or 3 dvds

What about these:
… or do you just want free stuff?

Another +1 for Groove 3. Their courses are very well structured.

Not sure about Steinberg doing it as it seems outside what they are good at.

Don’t forget the Company DVDLernkurs.
I recently bought this Cubase 10 Complete tut course:

I have always found DVD Lernkurs Cubase tutorials very good, (they go way, way back), well explained, great focus on details, and this Cubase Complete 10 course is no exception IMHO.
BEWARE: German spoken !
(I am from Holland so understanding German is not that hard for me) :smiley:
(I am in no way connected to DVDLernkurs so this is not some commercial talk) :wink:

Warm Regards.

They have not even made a full technical manual. I think that is a prerequisite for such course.

DVDLernkurs is great, if you understand German.
Holger Steinbrink always does a great job explaining and showing alternative ways.

Completely agree; i think Holger Steinbrink is a true German Cubase Tut hero.
The man just seems to know it all.

Matt Hepworth/macprovideo has kickstarted me a couple of years ago.