Italian Clarinet choir!?

I have just added a clarinet choir section ( the standard one from the woodwind drop down list) to an existing score, and although the descriptions on the list appear OK, in the score they are appearing in Italian with slightly different instrumentation (three contra alto’s as opposed two alto’s and one contra alto. Has someone been messing around with a hidden (or otherwise) XML file?
The original score comes from a photoscore xml file without any Italian heritage.

I have just found the reason, which may be of interest. The existing score (although English/USA) used an Italian string name for violin i.e. violino and some super clever part of Dorico assumed that I wanted my added instruments to be in Italian. Not that clever though as it couldn’t distinguish between alto and contra alto clarinets. Changing the original in photoscore solved the problem.

You should find that you can adjust the language used for instrument names on the Language page of Engraving Options (provided you’re using Dorico Pro; in Dorico Elements, you will find these options in the Library > Project Language dialog).