Italian keyboard

Dear Daniel, In a previous message - before Dorico’s release - I asked you about the use of the keyboard shortcuts on an Italian keyboard, and you kindly answered that it would have been offered in the setup. Unless I miss something, it is not there at all. This is a big problem for Italian users. Please, find an issue. Also, the fact that when inputting notes it is not possible to listen to them instantly is a serious handicap.

Yesterday, I spent some hours with exploring Dorico. I feel appreciative about the “philosophy” of the program, which is really well conceived. Yet, in wait of its completion with some essential features, currently not available, I will follow working on Sibelius.


Did you already try changing the keyboard language to Italian in the “Preferences” -> “Key Commands” dialog?

Yes I did, at no avail. What I mean is that in the list of keyboard commands only UK, German, Danish and French keyboard are offered, and neither Italian nor Spanish keyboards is presented. The latter is the 2nd language spoken in the world, and Italian the fourth.


Aaah… I think I know what you’re looking at. Are you looking at the key command viewer webpage?

This isn’t the same as changing the settings in the preferences dialog. This is what I was referring to:
Screenshot 2016-10-20 16.35.51.png
If you change the language in the preferences and then open the key commands web viewer, it should show you the Italian key commands by default.

I did that of course: the instructions are given in Italian on each key, but the keyboard represented is a British, not an Italian one. Whether the same keys - though differently labelled in Italian - work for the same goal or not is something to check up.