italian translation problems

First of all, “bravo” for Dorico 3. (I’m already excited, thinking about version 4…)
I must report an error in the Italian version of the program.
In the Layout options the prefix for instrument changes is not translated. “Takes” always appears instead of “Prendere” and “Riporre”. Of course, I can use a custom prefix (and that’s what I do) but in Dorico 2 it was ok.
Similarly, I believe it would be necessary to translate the transpositions for instrument names into Italian. “Corno in F” sounds too weird. I’m working on historical scores for professional publishers and the intrument names are often written in Italian.
Of course I use a workaround, writing the name “Corno in Fa” in full and excluding the transposition, but in the cues I need to have only the name without “in Fa”.
I believe it should’nt be too complicated to change this situation in a future version.
Thanks you very much in advance.
Stefano Rabaglia
Parma - Italy

Fixing up the translations of instrument transpositions is already firmly on the to-do list. It tends to irritate the development team when people suggest that something “shouldn’t be complicated” to fix, though :wink: