Items off the screen and unselectable

Shown in the two graphics are the flow list accessible from Ctrl-G and the default font list in the program preferences. They cover the entire screen and then some. I can only see some of the 231 flows I have, the last column not on the screen and the next to last column only showing part of the title. For the font list I can’t access any that start after the letter ‘N.’ Is there a way to navigate so I can actually see the content?

What happens if you type the letter P (for example) in the font list? Does the first ‘P’ item get selected?

That’s interesting – these menus are supposed to always use a single column. We’ll look into this.

Typing a letter does take me to the first item of that letter, but if the item is off the screen, it stays off the screen. Only what is on the screen is visible.