Iterative quantize gone in C6?

I was looking through the manual and have discovered (to my great dismay) that there’s no longer direct access to the iterative quantize function.

Is this true? What in the world? I work on different MIDI that I sometimes quantize on the beat and sometimes want to only move part of the way there. In C4 you could set a key command for both. As far as I can tell it’s been removed from C6 and you now have to open the Quantize setup screen and check or uncheck it every time… iQ? Weird name for it…

Yeah - that does indeed seem like it would be a bit awkward to use now… have to wait and examine Key Commands section more closely i guess…

Hmmm …
Shortcuts for hard and iterative quantize are mandatory !
Are they still there, Steinberg ??

To directly choose one or the other quantize mode, was a great feature in Cubase VST32.
Ever since, I begged to bring it back.

Having to open a setup window, to choose a quantize mode in V6,
would be no different, than what we have to do since SX1.
( At least, if we want to use normal ( hard ) quantize and iterative quantize.)

bye, Jan

Well, all’s well again in the C6 quantizing shortcuts. :slight_smile:

Thanks for always knowing just what to say Bo Clausen!

Oh! And thanks a bunch Christian for the info!

Cubase is King!