Iterative quantize midi INPUT?

There’s iterative quantize for MIDI data that’s already been recorded, but I’m wondering if there’s such a way to do it on the fly when recording new data. I know a few other DAWs have this option, but I’m starting to think that Cubase can’t do this.

Basically, I’ve started using my MPD18 again and am recording drum midi.

Do you mean input quantize?
Because it’s there. Can’t remember the correct word for it right now, though!

Auto Quantize.
(I had to refresh the label.)

It used to be a button on the transport. Now you have to click on “New Part” at the left end of the transport to see the pop-up menu.

I’m aware of that. But I’m wondering if there’s a way to apply iterative quantization upon input, which is basically loose quantizing.

Put “cubase input quantize reaktor” in your search engine.

I’m going to just file this under the “Cubase doesn’t have this option” classification. Thanks, though, for the suggestions. It really isn’t a huge deal though, as I could just record the MIDI unquantized and iterative quantize it in the drum pane/key editor, which is what I’ve been doing. Another DAW I’m using has the ability to iteratively quantize the MIDI while it’s been recorded. Not a huge deal though, thanks again.

Isn’t that the same thing as Auto Quantize? Unless you’re just wanting to see this in real-time on the screen, the result is the same, no?

Not exactly the same thing. It’ll auto quantize, but what I’m doing in another host will apply a level of “humanization” to the quantized audio. Basically, it’s real time recording with iterative quantize. Not a big deal though as there’s an easy way to achieve the end result in Cubase.