it's a bug?

the toolbar is out of window
if I magnify disappears

Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit
Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67GHz
Ram 8,00GB
Asus P7P55D-E (LGA1156)
AMD Radeon HD 7800
stardock windowblinds 8
cubase 8.PNG.jpg

This is the same image with c7.5
cubase 7.5.PNG.jpg

No, it’s Cubase 8 ! :slight_smile:

Not a bug, but it’s horrible! If I wanted this behaviour I would buy a Mac.

This is the full screen image of c8. I can not work with this. how can I do to demand the return of the 99 euro paid?
cubase 8 full screen.PNG

In what way does a crappy menu bar stop you working? I don’t like the stupid MAC bar either, but it doesn’t stop C8 from working.

6.5, 7 and 7.5 work well. why c8 has these problems? I do not think it’s a problem of my pc

It’s the new MDI system. Nothing is broken. Feel free to hate it :slight_smile:

I requested a refund :imp:

Took a little getting used to, and I had to redo my Workspace templates, but no big deal. Assign your most used features to shortcut keys or a surface controller. Better workflow doing that anyway.

Duly noted. And duly hated.

answer from steinberg:

Dear Gian,

Unfortunately, Steinberg has denied your cancellation request because the activation code has already been used.

Should you have any further questions, please contact Steinberg directly:

Kind regards,

asknet Customer Service

Illogical response

i write to Steinberg:

certain that the activation code I used, otherwise how could I find that cubase 8 was so disappointing?. Incredible, use cubase for 20 years I have never seen such horrible defects.

waiting for reply

let us know if you’ve succeeded eventually. thank you. i could do the same, upgrade when more fixes have been released.

You could do the reasonable thing and wait for the demo. Or wait for screen-shots and forum responses. But, no … the instant gratification syndrome has kicked in, in conjunction with the “it’s everyone else s fault” syndrome.

Not to mention the “the stupidly arbitrary small thing renders this tremendously feature packed system useless” syndrome.

Look, I hate that menu, I despise the hovering on the new mixconsole, I can’t comprehend the foot dragging being done to fix the window focus problems. But, those actual functional problems don’t stop people from getting work done with Cubase.


but the forum is to discuss these issues, find out if maybe other people share your sentiment, and if so, let the developer know. why settle for something that may be uncomfortable for most of the userbase?

That’s exactly what the forum is for. The discussion about hating the new menu bar is all good. But, not to drag your purchase/refund wars into the discussion. As if Steinberg is to blame for someone not doing their homework.

EDIT: And by the way … remember, I agree with him/her. I don’t like the stupid menu. If I wanted a MAC I’d buy one. I hate the MAC interface. I love the Win7/Win8 way of window management. Now I have a one off app that behaves completely different than every other app I have. But, I don’t blame Steinberg for my purchase.

I do not need very advanced functionality.
For me upgrading to cubase is a fact affective.
You always find something new in the work of extraordinary people.
What I did not like was the disappointment after years of updates to find fault so macroscopic and not go back.
I hope that the technicians of Steinberg to correct this. I do not have a refund? patience