It's a dirty trick

Steinberg…why would provide an option for the transport to locate when clicking in empty space, but not have it snap the the grid as default?

I feel like I’m typing my college thesis every time I try edit things out in the middle of the project window. You just gave me carpal tunnel. Honestly. This is absurd. And I’m seeing posts about this problem from a decade ago…lol.

Y’all have lost your minds.

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Urgent message from the asylum in the Free and Hanseatic City

You can have have it every way you want it.

Snap to Grid using a Tool Modifier key

Place cursor precisely by clicking the mouse

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Yes…I’ve seen the Alt+Shift modifier. That’s a nightmare. If you’re suggesting I can modify the modifier, I tried leaving it blank. Now it says (none) and it won’t snap to grid with or without the modifier.

The question is, why isn’t snap to grid default for this option when GRID is turned on? If the grid is ON, that should be my modifier…just like it is in the main ruler.

I’m not sure what you understood. But what I meant was that you should use the key modifier method if you want the cursor to snap to the grid. It’s hardly a ‘nightmare’.

I definitely understood what you meant, but…

Perhaps you can help me understand why, if grid is on, someone wouldn’t want it to default to snapping to the grid?

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I guess the grid is there for when you need “material”, events, parts and stuff to stick to it. I’m not sure if it would be that helpful if the background click too stuck to the grid. I use to click in the background to locate the cursor at specific non-grid positions and audition an audio event from there sometimes.

It could be that everything should stick to the grid, even background clicks, but then the bother of using a modifier for a single click would become a bother of using “J” to turn snap on and off for those times that you need grid-free location of the cursor.

At least that’s how I see it.

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I can respect that there are different work flows and habits.

But if the grid is on - it seems logical that my transport should to snap to the grid near wherever I locate it without adding a modifier - just like the main ruler. I’m honestly very surprised this isn’t default, and much more surprised that it’s not even an option.

It’s a shame. I’m about a week into a Cubase demo and I’m pretty sure this is going to be the deal breaker for me. I read a lot and watched a lot of videos. I set up a great template and moved some tracks into Cubase to work out a mix. I’m very impressed with most of it. I was really starting to think it was going to be a good move for me.

Then I decided to track something from scratch over the weekend and this problem showed up during my normal tracking and editing workflow. I’m not sure I’m going to get past it…but I’ll keep trying.

Only time I can think is if you’re working with stuff that’s off grid, such as spoken word, or video content.

Must admit, I’ve never used that click in empty space option before, and always clicked in the upper bar to set a cursor point and you can see that does snap to grid after you’ve made the selection. I think a lot of Cubase naturally users work this way, as you can hold your mouse to zoom etc from there too.

But, if I wanted to work with the click empty area option, I would expect it to snap to grid also, a hot key to ignore snap would be more fitting in with how Cubase works with it’s other tools too. So does seem a little backwards now you’ve pointed it out.


But…don’t people turn off the grid when they’re moving clips that aren’t supposed to conform to the grid? There’s already a built-in universal solution for that problem.

Again, I say, if grid is on, snapping should be default. Turning off the grid is the modifier to change that behavior.

If you have the empty space option active, with the grid on, and you grab a clip to move it, guess what it does. It snaps to the grid.

But the transport? Noooo…THAT requires a two-key modifier. :rofl:


This modifier cum click to move pointer to empty space is so much better in my hands than wrestling with aiming the pointer at exactly the right portion of the upper bar. Then zoom in and out with F and G, no prob.

I hardly ever need it snapped to grid when I do this, but I agree: to accommodate different workflows it would be ideal if one could toggle one way or another to be the default, sans modifier.

Just my two shekels!

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There’s more than one way to move objects without snapping when snap-to-grid is on.

Horses for courses. Could be that Cubase isn’t for you. We shall see.

And I’ll bet you the price of admission that those ways require a modifier to overcome the fact that the grid turned on.

Because…when the grid is on…stuff that snaps, should snap.

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I think you are asking for something as a new user that would break the workflow for users who’ve been using the software for 20 years, but I get your point, it is nice to be able to set the software up exactly as you want it to work. Luckily I think you can.

The thing is, once you really get into the software I think you won’t want the cursor to move if you click in a black space, grid or not - I think with complex projects it would be really annoying! (20+ year user here)

If you have any extra buttons on your mouse you can replace the Alt+Shift plus click shortcut with a single click of an extra button. It may take a moment to get used to, but it will solve your issue. But I don’t think it’s actually an issue, more of an adjustment - the best way to set your cursor is in the top bar - it avoids mis-clicks, mis-selections etc, and it works. You’ll also find yourself working with ranges a lot - so pressing 1 on your number pad is by far the easiest and quickest method of setting your cursor to the start of the range (and 2 sets it to the end) You will likely get into the habit of using markers as well, for even easier track navigation.

So your request is interesting, but shouldn’t be a deal breaker.

Good luck adjusting - this software is actually pretty amazing, even if this form reads like a bunch of issues. Most of us are just working away without any problems.

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I absolutely agree with @skullsession
There are lots of inconsistencies in this program I am pointing out for years in form of feature requests and issue reports already.
This here was driving me nuts for years as well until I started writing my own AHK scripts.

I basically assigned alt+shift+click altogether to the right mouse click, so whenever I am in the project window it sets the cursor where I right-click and snaps to the grid if activated.

The old right click menu now pops up when I hit ctrl+right click or shift+right click.

This way no mis-selections happen and it just needs little time to getting used to.

Thanks for the useful suggestion. I do have a mouse with extra buttons which I shut off because they’re in awkward spots and I tend to hit them accidentally. But I did set one up like you suggested, and it does work. Very awkward. And after 29 years in a DAW that drops the transport on the grid just about anywhere with a left-click (if grid is on), I’m not sure this will get me there in the end.

I’m still tweaking settings and trying to get it to play nice for me in other areas. Making progress. And I’ve got a great template built. Feels and looks good minus a couple of substantial work flow hurdles. One when I track. One when I edit.

I searched before I posted, and my two biggest issues have been hashed out here for years now with no progress…so I don’t expect either to change. The forum did help me find acceptable work arounds for other issues here and there.

I like the script idea…ish. But man…I can’t imagine I’d get my head around having to set the transport on the ruler with a left-click and then with a right-click everywhere else. I might give it a shot though.