It's a sad friday without the pre release

it’s a sad friday without the pre release

We found a last minute bug that has been fixed, now it takes a while to build it…but it’s coming :slight_smile:


Thank you for your work!!!

Yes, thank you! VST Live + Halion 7 are a game changer for my life as a musician.

The routing system offers so many possibilities!

You are genius!

… and another Pre-Release is online

@Jihem, thank you for your lovely words! But we cannot make it without you and all the other user who are giving us so much feedback. Please keep it up and have a nice weekend!



Happy weekend to you developers. you are in our evening prayers!

… and thank you, @Italyuser. I wish you a nice weekend, too! :slight_smile:


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Many thanks to all the team…
I absolutely needed the shortcuts to paste shared tools into layers and now it works perfectly!!!

The copying of entire parts with shared instrument layers is also splendid…

this will literally save me a lot of time!!!

Thanks again so much, and thanks to the kindness of the team!!!