it's about time the cubase Studio name was dropped

Well done with the new version, there are quite a lot of tweets and new additions that will make my like a little easer. I am so glad that the Studio name has been dropped. Studio must have been the bigger marketing mistake, I know a lot of my student got confused.

Just been looking that minimum system requirements is now Windows 7 but the MORE ON DAW COMPONENTS link says window xp.

Current Steinberg products require at least Windows XP Home Edition or Windows XP Professional, ideally installed with the current service pack.”

Fingers crossed this one will work from 6.0 - who wants to try first :question: … only joking :slight_smile:


Just to be weird and enhance marketing buzz, they should have just skipped the number 6 altogether and gone for:

Cubase 7

7’s a much better marketing number, and would lockstep with Windows 7. :laughing:

And what the heck is with the creepy faux Presidential seal on the box? :confused:

You can tell I haven’t looked at the product much to have anything really important to say yet…

Yeah brilliant!!!

That left us cubase studio owners with no way to go but upgrading to the full version, or downgrading (paying the full price) to the artist version.

I hope that they correct that

Yeah, when I was looking to purchase Cubase 5, I was also confused by the naming of the products. I thought that Cubase 5 Studio must be the top product, because why would a studio have anything less than the full package? I mean, what’s beyond a studio… a studio in space, maybe? Cubase 5 sounds like it must be a plain, reduced version next to C5 Studio.

I figured it out with a bunch of reading and the feature comparison chart, but it certainly wasn’t obvious at all, and I almost ordered the wrong thing.

And yet again they missed the opportunity to call the big version SOMETHING! :astonished: :unamused: They ought to call it Cubase WHATEVER … Cubase Pro, Cubase PhatAss, Cubase Tikka Masala. Why not call the big one Cubase Studio and the next one in size would naturally follow as Cubase Artist? Then it look more self explanatory with (Cubase Studio only) in the manual. We now have to read the manual filled with (Cubase Only) for all those features for 2 more years. I know the difference but it’s just looks so DUMB. And it’s also a source of confusion for people figuring out what version to get. Ah, whatever. :unamused:

I kind of like it being called just Cubase 5, but it’s confusing when next to a package called Cubase 5 Studio. Calling something Studio is like saying “this is a fully professional package.”