It's better a new function or remove an old bug?

Can someone help me?
Excuse me if I will be long but, honestly, I am a little disappointed and I want to bring to the attention of the many Cubase forum users the so many, too many problems that this program has been giving me during the last period. I don’t know if the problem is joined to the latest Microsoft updates to Windows 10 or is inherent to Cubase. What is certain is that they are many and they frankly bored me.

When Steinberg announced Cubase12 I immediately decided to upgrade from my c11 given the many flaws still unresolved by patch I said to myself “they will have passed to ver.12 to solve everything in one go: sweep away past dust and filth and put in its place new shiny functions” also because I was used to always seeing the “half step” (8.5, 9,9.5 etc.).
So I decided that I would make the switch to c12, as soon as the Italian translation of the operating manual came out and, waiting for the translation, I started to follow the Cubase page of the forum (good idea the forum … sin is only in English) to get an idea on the improvements and … on any deterioration.
And the idea I made is that we are still far from the promise of a software finally reliable: the frequent blocks of the program, especially on exit, are enough and the many, very many, functions that in C11 contribute to making you angry; but what struck me most is that the complaints about the C12 release show that other problems have been added and it seems to me that the latest patch, 12.0.20, does not improve the state of things much.

At this point I have decided that as long as a substantial and affordable update to Cubase version (the aforementioned “half step”) is not published, I will not spend an additional 99 euros for the C12 which does not seems free from Genome defects and which requires, if there was still a need, a substantial change of policy from Steinberg: it must stop hiding the dust and moths of past releases under the carpet of some good news and start fixing previous defects and bugs. Only later come out with the new versions. At that point, some youthful defects would be acceptable while it is unacceptable that nothing is done about the old and overt growth problems!
Then correct the past flaws then move forward in development: this is what Steinberg must accept if he does not want to lose his position in the music software market and must also understand that these words, at first glance rather harsh, are the same as many others for now loyal users think. He must avoid that words like these are followed by others like “enough is enough! I’ll step on some other platform”.

Excuse me for the tedium but if some forum manager able to report the following above continues to read the rest for a few moments, maybe, even if bored, he will end up agreeing with me.

Let’s start from the beginning:

  • I don’t know about you, but for months now the cold start of C11 (before loading any project) requires at least 50 ‘’ with peaks that exceed two minutes. Sometimes ‘Studio Manager’ seems to freeze.

  • It’s true: in ‘Preferences’ you can disable it but those who have opened the Hub in recent times have had to wait no less than 30 ‘’ and, in any case, the request for a ‘New Project’ is no better perhaps a ‘simplified daughter’ of the Hub: this morning 54 ‘’.

  • My projects rarely exceed 20 tracks and 4 VSTi; some projects have about forty and 5/6 VSTi.
    Well, the loading times for the first ones are never less than one minute while for the others sometimes you have to wait even more than 2.

  • the addition of every VSTi, their opening during work, the management of the vstpresets require a particular analysis. And I’m not talking about third-party VST and VSTi, responsive and fast, but Steinberg flags: the most important and used VSTs, Halion6, Halion Sonic, Halion Sonic SE, Groove Agent5, The Grand the latter not only slow on biblical times, but always losing some sound: sometimes you can go and freshen up in the bathroom waiting for the interface to open.
    Let’s not talk about the loading and saving functions of the vstpresets: not only unacceptably slow but also cumbersome, incomplete and inconsistent. These things seem to indicate problems in Cubase’s implementation of file-system access rather than the file-system itself that’s great.

  • So far I have always recorded live in a soundproof room where there is a Yamaha O3d mixer and I have never had problems with monitoring as I always used external monitoring.
    The problem arose when I decided to make some personal electric guitar recordings directly in stand-alone: ​​I activated direct monitoring for the first time (the RME HDSPe RayDAT allows it being ASIO 2.0) and I used two KORG converters ( 880A/D and 880D/A). I configured a CUE line on the 880D/A as output and connected my Line6 Helix into an 880A/D input.
    Everything worked correctly: I armed the audio input and the signal arrived correctly from the 880A/D; I created an audio track for the guitar signal and I armed the monitoring in ‘manual’ form; piano, bass, drums and background were in the headphones via the cue line.
    All as described in the operating manual.
    I started recording but try and try again, search and search all the configurations provided in the VST preferences page but there was nothing to do: the track of the instrument being recorded does not go into cue.
    So I decided to stay calm and behave logically: I closed Cubase, I turned off the computer, I waited a few minutes, I restarted, reloaded Cubase, the project, restarted the recording but … nothing: in cue, the track in registration does not go there!
    I made them all; I re-read the 70 pages HDSPe RayDAT manual, I reinstalled HEX-NOVO Cubase (and whoever did it knows what it means to reinstall hex-novo a software like Cubase), reconfigured all plugins: I lost two days but nothing changes. The track armed in recording is not brought into cue while all the others are correctly in.
    To try again, I disabled the ‘direct monitoring’ and here, finally, I found the track in recording as well.
    All this, logically, except for my errors and / or omissions.

  • The last gem I discovered on the scoring page. I don’t normally use Score on Cubase because I have Dorico 3.5 but a flutist wanted the baseline score to improvise on and I tried.
    Everything worked fine and the screen quickly gave me a beautiful, clear and elegantly formatted page; I request its printing; the printer starts and voila ': the heads of the notes are missing … cheer! But beware: Dorico 3.5, which I had to resort to, prints correctly which means that it is not the fault of the printer or of the fonts correctly placed in their folder in Windows. If you want to print with … heads you have to ask for .PDF printing and this works fine. A nice program this Cubase 11; there is nothing to say!

And these things are just the straw that broke the camel’s back I could line up many others if I didn’t fear boring too much.

Now, I ask kindly again: is there anyone who can show me what the problem may be? Or, even better: the problems?
I thank anyone who can help me.

Here, some information about my system:
-Windows 10 updated day by day, 16GB of memory, I5 4690 processor,
-4 SSD of which INTEL NVME for the S.O. 1 SAMSUNG 2 TB for projects and audio, 1 for libraries, one for BKP;

  • INTEL firmware is updated by INTEL ToolBox while Samsung by Magician.
  • RME HDSPe RayDAT sound card with management software updated to the latest release and same firmware,
    -2 Universal Audio cards with 8 processors and software updated to the latest version.

Wake up moderators! Is it possible that no one can tell me why all this is happening to my Cubase 11?
Yet, looking carefully in the forum, I am not the only one to report these problems!
Or maybe no one wants to read through a post with too many negative reports …

You could improve the chances of someone helping you by describing (precisely and concisely) one problem per post, with the steps how to reproduce it (and maybe some screenshots) and tag it with “issue”. A good topic title which is a short description of the actual problems also helps.
Your post ist just way too long imho.

Needs a tl;dr on that post. Just too much to read and absorb, each element could be caused by any number of factors outside of Cubase.

You may have applications running on your machine in the background that could affect performance, or anti-virus/spyware tools that are slowing down access. You could have disk cleaners that are resetting the VST cache and causing re-scans each startup.

Just too much to dig into.

I’d start with your single biggest issue in it’s own post and get that rectified first, people are much willing to help in small chunks or else we’ll all be sat here writing novels to one another.

In my experience, most of the above is not inherent to Cubase. Project load times are dependant on the plugins being loaded, from what drive the content is being loaded from, and whether you cache samples or set them to pre-load for example.

It very much sounds like you either have some software scanning each file on your system, or the library content is stored on a slow drive.