It's clear 10.3 is un-usable!

Nuendo 10.3 on Windows 10 - it’s crashing every 10.3 minutes.

Control Z (undo) crashes Nuendo!
Render in-place crashes Nuendo!!
Loop selection crashes Nuendo!!!
Some times doing nothing crashes Nuendo!!!

Frustrating, now back on 10.2

Since this is not known to happen to other users it might well be a system problem at your side.
This version works very well, here, on 3 machines and does not show described malfunctions.
Actually, it is quite stabil…
Hope you solve the problem.

Servus Big K

I went back to 10.2 last week. Continuous ‘run into a serious problem’ errors and also it wanting to start in safe mode every time. Steinberg have had my crash logs for over a fortnight with no word back as yet.

10.3 is working well here…

The same here ChazC, the dreaded Continuous ‘run into a serious problem’ errors and ‘Nuendo has stopped working’ Pop Up for no apparent reasons.

One good thing about 10.3 is that they fixed the ‘Edit In Wavelab’ bug

!0.2 is rock solid!


crash dumps
Nuendo 64bit 2020.7.26 (1.38 MB)
Nuendo 64bit 2020.7.26 (1.16 MB)
Nuendo 64bit 2020.7.26 (1.22 MB)

A couple of those crashes point to Pro L2 as the culprit.

10.3 is “usable”, just not very “friendly”. Lots of mistakes in this version.

I think a lot of people are happy to try and help. If everybody with issues had their system info in their signature file (like Ted directly above) it would really speed up getting to the bottom of things.

10.3 runs better for me than any of the 10.2’s did. And since I’m on Win 7 64, it’s not even supported anymore. Go figure.

First really obvious question for everybody posting an issue is “OSX or Win?” And saying “Mac” in a single post is not the same as system details in your sig where there is more detail and it’s always right there on every post you make.

Pretty please?

I am sorry to know that. Here on my system, it is working like a charm. Yes, there are crashes, but not higher than there was in previous versions. I hope you tried updating all third party plugins, Windows 10, and everything else that can be updated. The new graphics of 10.3 is too awesome to roll back, for me.

Same here

working well here for me