It's Cubase 12 and Cubase still hangs or crashes on exit

What do I have to do for this very blatant and obvious issue to be fixed? It’s exhausting.


This issue is obvious to you, because it happens on your system. But it doesn’t behave like this on all systems.

Could you please provide the *.crash/dmp file? Are you on Mac or Windows? Could you provide more informations to be able to investigate?

There is a other similar thread that have some suggestion on some fixes that might help.

It’s quite likely to be due to a plugin rather than Cubase.

It’s quite likely to be due to a plugin rather than Cubase.

But it works fine and never crashes at exit on my same windows 10 config with C11/10.5

Thanks, Martin. I am on Windows. I understand where you are coming from, however there are numerous threads about the same subject with lots of people experiencing the issue, despite the OS.

Here are my last 4 crash dumps. It may very well be a plugin, however if it is, it is
Cubase in particular that doesn’t play nice for some reason. I also have used Ableton and Studio One as well and have never run in to the issue.

Cubase 64bit 2022.3.20 (635.0 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.3.19 (625.6 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.3.15 (638.9 KB)
Cubase 64bit 2022.3.14 (638.6 KB)

Hy Dylan you can open these dumps with WinDbg, here’s what it says below.
You have few vst3 plugins or dll drivers that did not checksum maybe try to verify these dlls:
Loading Dump File [Cubase 64bit 2022.3.14]
User Mini Dump File: Only registers, stack and portions of memory are available

*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for atidxx64.dll
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for license-engine-access.dll
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for amdihk64.dll
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for SoundID Reference VST3 Plugin.vst3
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for nativeinstrumentsusbaudioasio_x64.dll
It seems AMD fixed for one of the dlls upper (amdihk64) the issue, maybe try to update to latest AMD drivers ?

Also as a developer, I think I recognzed in the exit stack dump some encryption/decryption calls, is it possible that C12 tries to check for licensing when exiting ?
Would be totally unnecessary right?
Note sure about that last one though.

This is back for me worse than ever. When leaving Cubase open for a while and returning, the project will crash when exiting!

Frankly, I am annoyed that the common default response is “it’s probably a plugin, not Cubase.” All of my plugins are up to date. All of my drivers are up to date. This has been happening for years now, across two different OS’s. It does it despite whether I have all the latest updates, on PC or Mac, or what specific plugins I have open in the project. It does not happen with other DAWs. It is an issue with Cubase, period.


I agree completely. It’s a real Cubase thing. Happens way more than it should.

I’m not saying it’s not cubase, it is clearly behaving differently from C11/C10.5 to C12, and I voted for a fix, but I tried to help you giving you more precise ideas about the plugins or other DLLs that cause difficulties to C12

Apologies @fab672000 my response wasn’t so much directed at you. I actually really appreciate you going in to those crashdumps for me and attempting to help. My comment was directed at those quick to dismiss the issue.

Unfortunately all of that info points to likely AMD drivers, my SoundID Reference plugin or my NI Audio Interface. I’ve had this issue across multiple operating systems on different computers over years of driver updates - so not AMD related. I had this issue before I started using SoundID over a year ago - so not SoundID related. I’ve had 3 different audio interfaces in the past 3 years - so not NI Audio related.

So if anything you confirmed what I had suspected, thank you and sorry again for coming across aggressive.

Please note that the information above does not indicate anything about the crash itself.

Each of the these crash dumps uploaded by @dylanmixer have this in them:

SYMBOL_NAME:  wdmaud!CMIDIOutDevice::WriteEvent+9c


IMAGE_NAME:  wdmaud.drv

FAILURE_BUCKET_ID:  BREAKPOINT_80000003_wdmaud.drv!CMIDIOutDevice::WriteEvent

Those are warnings - logically this would mean they are not causing the crash directly. But it’s indeed possible that they are highlighting some problem that later causes a crash.

What Steve has spotted looks like a likely candidate. Superficially it looks like that driver is trying to write some kind of midi event when it hits trouble.

No, you can’t be so certain.

They are not warnings about the crash.

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Yes, I understand that Steve.

It might (or might not) be useful for the OP to provide more basic info. What audio device and driver for example?

Thanks., Steve. I am using Komplete Audio 6 with the latest audio driver installed.

Have you experimented with using a different driver, to eliminate the NI driver from suspicion? Like the Steinberg Generic one?