It's Cubase 12 and Cubase still hangs or crashes on exit

In both cases, a combination of Kontakt instances and BBC Symphony Orchestra instances. Not a whole lot outside of that.

Remove one in a test project. Then remove the other.

Or use the Half method- remove half the VSTs, test, no prob? Remove the other half and test. Prob found? Remove half and test. rinse and repeat

Thanks, I will give this a shot and report back.

I tried both methods and the result was the same.

I took 30 Kontakt instances in an empty project, which brought my RAM usage to about 50% - About a minute and 20 seconds to close.

I took 23 BBC instances in an empty project, which brought my RAM usage to about the same - Around a minute and a half to close.

In each case the RAM trickled down slowly, and once depleted I was able to finally hit the final X and close the DAW without crashing.

Are you saying you have found that it takes a long time to release the ram, and while doing so the sequencer appears to have hanged?

Correct, yes. It is possible many have experienced the same issue but thought Cubase had simply crashed, while in reality they could have waited anywhere from a minute to 3 minutes to successfully close Cubase. It is still a really long time and is very inconvenient, though.

Okay. So now we understand the exact issue, for better or worse.

Indeed, it seems like we’re on to something. Hopefully some Steinberg devs chime in here.

I too use a lot of Kontakt instances in the projects that hang.

We don’t understand the exact issue yet. Is it down to Kontakt and BBCso or is it Cubase, or is it both?

It would be interesting to see if it happens in other DAWs. I found a thread where a Studio 1 and live user reported exactly the same behaviour of very slow RAM unloading in Kontakt, but for him it was fixed in 6.6.0 so it’s not quite the same case. But it’s a hint.

Please @dylanmixer open a support ticket and link to this thread. Title your ticket simply and clearly, like Extremely slow memory release on quit, or something brief and explicit.

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Warning: C++ tech note for devs only:
Funny we had this problem when developing the fltk c++ toolkit a while ago, we solved it by cleaning up the virtual destructors that dont need to be virtual and then not calling most of the c++ destructors on exit as windows (and I think mac osx now too) does a great job releasing this memory automatically. Results were much faster exists with no system memory leaks.


You don’t think the memory management is handled by the plugin? For sure the plugin loads the samples, so isn’t it more likely the plugin unloads them too?

You don’t think the memory management is handled by the plugin

So yes it is allocated by the plugin but the plugin is only a thread of the same DAW main parent process (or in some other implementations of the realtime engine process).
So in all cases the memory is unallocated by Windows/OSX when the parent process exits.
Where it can be tricky though is if Cubase needs to call the plugin destructors and then in this destructor call ; the plugins release resources (can still be important as an example because of hardware devices state they control, files handles and flushing writes though the system can also close them but only on process exit) and during that call the plugin decides to also unallocate tons of memory, which may be what happens in some of the perceived sluggishness.

I submitted a ticket to Steinberg so we will see.

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Good luck!

I’m having this issue but not using Kontact.

here’s a few dumps. Interestingly I have a lot of dumps with 0 bite size?

Cubase 64bit 2022.3.20 (1.5 MB)
ah only one as the others are too big.


Isn’t your dump related to this issue?


I’ve been having issues for a few weeks so I’m not sure which dumps are what. It could be that yes, but I thought I’d added previous dumps that weren’t to do with the GUI sizing which only popped up yesterday. If it’s from yesterday then apologies.

edit: the date says 20th march so no it’s a separate issue.

Hi any updates on this one? I too have been having similar freeze dumps due to the same wdmaud.drv on exit!

I am using VE Pro over the network and when it crashes Cubase still seems really busy sending loads of data over ethernet to my Vienna computers. Like maxing out the network type thing.

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