It's good to be human

DAWs have a loooonnnnngg way to go.


Do brains have OS’s? I don’t think they do! More kind of hard/soft wired?

I think the flavor of OS your brain runs depends the Culture in which you were raised.


Go Canada!

There are experiments under way that use direct input/wiring into some sort of computer circuitry that’s does not have an OS in the way, multiple parallel processing mimicking some of the brains function/s. Some AI people think that a computer “brain” can never succeed as long as the concept of an OS exists. I can’t find the link, but was reported in New Scientist a while ago.

Unfortunately you need to be a subscriber to New Scientist to read the whole article, and it’s still not the article I read (canny find it)

More importantly, is your “brain” UEFI compatible :sunglasses:

The brain is but a simple transducer that picks up thoughts from the mind :open_mouth:

Split said “Do brains have OS’s?”. If they do, how do I get Jeff Beck’s OS? :wink:

A computer like that would probably have ears :laughing:

Then you could have maybe 12 ears to ear up a drum kit, but because the “computer” has actually achieved a level of Consciousness, it then tells you your drummer is sh!t and refuses to record them until they get better. :laughing:


Would it talk like Steven Hawkins


It would depend on application software running at the time

You’ll need your tinfoil hat for the last link :laughing:

In the spirit of 2001 A Space Odyssey, - Hal says… I’m Sorry Dave, you suck, I won’t record you. :laughing: